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joel + papa bear moments (for bigbywolfs)

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You got lost in pursuing your goal. I guess you were working so hard, that you lost sight of it.

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Greedling ✖ Lan Fan — requested by conversationparade

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Skyward Sword - Link; Concept Art

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I saw you at the fireworks the other day.

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Hey guys, I have instagram now (。´∀`)ノ

http://instagram.com/amorrtentia ~
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Make me choose: 
fulllbusters​ asked: Chitoge Kirisaki or Kosaki Onodera?

"Next time… I’ll properly convey my feelings to him…" 
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come ride with me,
through the veins of history

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Yuri Makita - Ao Haru Ride
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Very Iconic Naruto Moments (part 5)
↳ our main character

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